Besides giving your body nutrients it  needs, eating as we all know is very social thing.
Being a parent, my eating/diet is a bit more relaxed the weekend as you tend to visit places with the kid’s happiness placed first, as it is also bonding time too for the family. Sometimes you can go for the better option on the menu and sometimes you can’t. We ordered some pizza on Saturday and I boiled a few eggs to increase the protein intake on my portions. About 30mins after I ate,I felt bloated, had gas, cramps, digestion problems, foggy mind etc I felt this way before, then did some research and discovered I am Gluten intolerant.

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A gluten allergy is the body’s inability to digest or break down the gluten protein found in wheat and certain other grains. Gluten intolerance (also known as a gluten sensitivity) can range from a mild sensitivity to gluten to full-blown celiac disease ( the immune system being sensitive to gluten in the body). This may lead to Anemia, low bone mineral density (osteoporosis), itchy skin rashes, chronic fatigue, joint pain, infertility, or repeated miscarriages.

If you have suffered any of these symptoms when having breads, pastas, pizza etc stay away from these foods for about 2 weeks to come to a more clear conclusion or seek the help of your health care professional.