An exercise mat

You will be doing many exercises on the floor, so having an exercise mat is vital. There are a variety of exercise mats on the market but I’d go for one that is non slip and padded.  Today you find pretty decent mats that roll up into their straps or bag. This type I find particularly useful as it’s easy to travel with and convenient to take to a yoga studio.


Thera bands

If you have started your fitness journey with a bit of running, these bands will be a great addition to your home equipment. There are many different uses for them from stretching to doing a resistance workout for various body parts. They are very useful for lower body training, especially for hip abductors which will compliment your running.


Exercise Ball

There are many cool exercises to do with an Exercise Ball. If you have been doing ab and core exercises on the floor and you are looking for a way to increase the intensity and give yourself new workouts to try, this piece of equipment will certainly do that!


Free weights

A good exercise program should consist of resistance training, cardio and of course a healthy eating plan. Resistance or weight training will strengthen your muscles and shape your body effectively. If it’s your first time working out with weights, it would be a good idea to purchase 2kg to 5kg, (guys can go heavier) just so you can get familiar with the form and technique for different body parts. As the movements become easier, you can purchase heavier dumbbells to challenge yourself!



Skipping rope

It’s cheap, portable and will burn up those calories! It’s a good exercise for your cardiovascular health but there are also other benefits I love! It improves agility, quickness, balance and coordination to name but a few! I know it while take a while to get in the rhythm but once you have the basics in place, it can also be a lot of fun trying new foot work!


Punching bag & Boxing gloves

One piece of equipment to improve your body shape, burn calories, improves coordination and stability, great for aerobic fitness and decrease stress! Go for a medium to heavy weight bag to make it challenging. There are countless amounts of workouts you can do either punching combos or adding it in between your resistance training.

boxing bag and gloves