I know HIIT training has been around for a while now, but whenever someone asks me about changing up their programme a bit, mainly to lose weight, especially with Summer around the corner. They start with ” I want to fit in more cardio but….”

I often ask them firstly what changes has been made to their diet, if that seems fine for their goals, I will ask have they ever tried HIIT.

Sometimes, us as human beings like to stick with things our forefathers did, and yes, everything has its place, but push yourself rather than go from set then rest, then a set, and when you’re done, cardio at the end. Science tells us otherwise, so make smarter choices, if you want to take your workout up a level!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) might not be suited for everyone’s goals, but the benefits are hard to deny, that’s probably why most commercial gym’s structure their classes this way. Some of the benefits being :

Improving your Cardiovascular fitness

Builds lean muscle and drop fat

Helps you burn more calories at rest

Improves athletic endurance

Increases your metabolism

Varied workouts prevent boredom. I use weights, do plyometrics and abs in-between my workouts, thus cutting the need for additional cardio at the end of the workout.

It can be done without equipment.

It can be done on cardio machines to really push your fitness levels.

It will save you time!


HIIT is a exercise strategy alternating between short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods. For this example, think 20 burpees and planks for 30 secs thereafter. While you are planking, your core and body will still be working, but not as much as when you were doing burpees.

Look out for my future videos, how to do HIIT training with/without weights and with no cardio equipment.

Eat Clean, Train Mean!!