I know many people don’t particularly enjoy the Winter season we are experiencing now. I don’t mind it, it’s just the part where Cold’s and Flu seem much more common. Many are sounding groggy, sore throats, runny noses or even people coughing in your face in supermarket lines!!
I’m sure it’s especially tough for any parent to see our little one’s going through this, snotty nose, feverish, or laying weak on the bed.
Many times we have post nasal drip, which leads to chest and mucus problems. Having grown up with Bronchitis it then lead to Asthma , which I still suffer from today, my mom always used to shout at me “Don’t drink milk! Stay away from sweet things!!” I understood why as I grew up. Dairy adds on to mucus and the bacteria feeds off the sweet things, making your recovery even longer and immune system even weaker.


Have a look at things to keep in mind when you or your loved one’s fall ill!