Some call me crazy to head out in the cold during our Winter season in Cape Town.
I love Cape Town, but it’s also a city synonymous with icy cold and rainy conditions, hence the other name it’s know as “The Cape of storms”.
Not only is working out first thing in the morning my favourite but it’s the mental challenge knowing I have just overcome the obstacle of ” Stay underneath the blankets, it’s warm and cosy, you can always workout again….”
It gets my mind and body supercharged knowing I have already overcome one obstacle already, and there are more waiting to be conquered!!

I know there are many people that struggle working out in the winter season and that’s why I have put together some pointers to keep you motivated!

First get your mind in shape!

I believe if the mind can see it, the body can achieve it! That being said, it won’t be that tough to go out when it’s winter and head to gym if you have a vision of achieving your health and fitness goals! Mentally, prepare yourself and think about the progress you have already made regarding of your fitness and cleaner eating.
It’s always even more tough coming back, knowing where you were a few months ago! You may even start in worse shape than where you started, for me that’s a definite NO!

rain+on+window-gym winter

Set a new goal or try a new workout

Many people who do weight training, like bodybuilders use the winter season as a bulking season to make use of additional calories they consume and focus on lifting heavier weights. Alternatively you can try something new like calisthenics, which requires more body weight and core training! It will take lots of practice, so it will be perfect for empty gyms, but will be so much fun to show off some new skills when summer comes!

It’s dark and I still want to sleep!!

Seeing as the sun sets earlier too, why not go sleep earlier, so you feel refreshed when waking the next day? One of the most valuable lessons I have learnt on this fitness journey is preparation is key!! set out your breakfast, eggs, supplements, clothing etc the night before. When you do wake and everything is prepared, you will find less excuses that will pop in your head like ” I still have to make something to eat!” or “what do I wear?”

I’m up but not awake

I know it’s crazy doing this in winter but nothing wakes me up like splashing cold water on my face and body to wake me up! Thereafter good cup of coffee will do the trick as well.

Find a training partner

Knowing someone is waiting for you at gym is another way to get your butt out the door!! You don’t want to disappoint people after you promised them you will be there! Stand by your word and smash each other’s goals!

Summer bodies are made in Winter!

It’s a phrase that has been used over and over but it’s the truth! I know it’s very tempting to stay indoors, stuff your face with comfort food and watch series all day…..and to a certain extent you might get away with it for a little while, but use the last couple of weeks of winter and clean up the meals gradually, take the intensity of your training up, add in some extra cardio and abs sessions, with the vision of how you are going to look your best in the upcoming Summer season!