As a Personal Trainer, I am passionate about the health and fitness world, as well as having had my own transformation from 110kg’s to currently 81kg’s , I get asked a variety of questions about fitness.

Here are some common one’s:

1. How often should I exercise and for how long?

Depending on what you want to achieve, this question could vary from person to person. Endurance, frequency and intensity of your training days could be very different, if you are training for a race to someone who is just starting off and is more concerned about weight loss and fitness

2. Should I do weight training or cardio or even both?

If you’re after losing weight, general conditioning, maintaining existing muscle mass and keeping body fat to a minimum, you’re going to need to make a focus on balancing both.

3.What abdominal exercises should I do for a flat tummy?

No exercise can achieve this on it’s own. Your body doesn’t work on a spot reduction basis i.e do many crunches and your tummy will be flat. Diet, along with a good exercise program will help you to achieve this

4. I have been working out a while now and have stopped losing weight. Whats happening?

Your results might have plateau’d because your body is becoming used to your program. Change a few things about your diet or the intensity of your workout.

5. I don’t have time to exercise, but I need to get more active, what can I do?

The key to getting into a workout program is to make the time. See how you can squeeze 30 mins out of your day, even if it is during lunch at work. Make it a family event to keep everyone healthy or active.

6. Will lifting weights make a woman bulky?

Body type and levels of testosterone determine how a person will respond to weights. 99% of women will respond to weights in a feminine way. i.e. they will tone up and harden up, not bulk up.


7. Best exercise for quick results?

Exercises that incorporates many muscle groups will burn more calories. Big, strong, full body movements by far outstrip any other kind of exercise. Combine it with high intensity interval training and you have a recipe for amazing results!

8. I’m at my goal weight, what do I do now?

Many people tend to slow down the intensity of their workout or eat a bit more relaxed. My view is, why should you stop there? Look for next challenge and keep on improving your health and fitness

9. What is a good diet?

There is no clear cut answer, it depends what you want to achieve. Some want too lose weight, others want to increase their weight. Other people want to use their diet’s for a specific reason like completing a race or marathon. Be clear on what your goal is, what you are training for and that will be your answer.

10. Should I have something to eat before a workout?

Many tend not to eat before a workout as they want to maximize their fat burning. However, if you want to have a intense workout, it might be a good idea to have a snack before your workout so you can have more energy while you train.