For far too long women have just gone to gym, did a bit of cardio or do a step class, and that would be counted as a workout, not knowing their full potential when it comes to achieving the body they want. Many, today are still very fearful when it comes to lifting weights, thinking it will make them big and bulky.

Fortunately,more females are starting to venture the weight area, the only thing that will hold them back is the attitudes of some of the know it all men on the floor wanting chat them up.

Coupled with a good diet, lifting weights will effectively tone and shape the body. Working different muscle groups will also hit those areas females struggle with, namely back fat, chest and triceps, to name a few.  It’s a fact, weight training will accelerate your metabolism much more than any cardio activity in gym.

Form and technique will be one of the biggest challenges but living in the information era, information are easy to come by, but it’s always best to ask a friend or family member with experience.