Sunday 16th October 2016 hike
Route: Start at Rhodes Memorial, up to the Block House to end off at Woodstock Cave.
Difficulty level : medium to hard

I was invited along to this hike from a friend of mine, as he was taking his rugby team up this route for little bit of fitness endurance training.
I usually take the flat path from Tafelberg rd up to Woodstock Cave as it’s much easier, and because of this, I can include a mild jog.
Going on a hike with a group of young, reasonable fit to advanced people was definitely a blessing. The pace set was very brisk, catching a breath in between. Be warned the route from Rhodes are inclines and steps, so to focus on developing leg strength and cardiovascular fitness for this rugby team was perfect.
The gates for Rhodes Memorial at the lower car park opens at 7am, which doesn’t make it too early for the late sleepers.


 We checked weather reports and we noticed “a passing shower”. Thinking what harm can a bit of drizzle do, we decided to go anyway. Luckily I brought my raincoat along and even though my shoes were soaked, walking in the rain, waiting underneath some trees for the heavier downpours to pass made me feel so at peace and at one with nature. I have been on many hikes but this was definitely one for the books because of this feeling.

checking clouds

The pathway that leads to the Block House is three levels of steps, turn to your right and walk up a incline and through the turnstile gate. If you look to upwards to your left, you will notice the Block House. Just behind the Block House is the path that will lead you to the Woodstock Cave.

Following the path all the way through the trees made all my sense of smell come alive, with the flowers in bloom filling the air with their natural aroma. Going around a few bends you will start to notice the harbour and how close you are to the city. If you look upwards to your left you will see the cave.

harbour views

Be on the lookout for a pointer board in your path close to wind-bended trees as it’s easy to miss. To your left is a path leading in a zig zag motion up towards the cave. As with any hike, your safety should come first, with that being said, please go in a group. The cave sometimes gets used for prayer meetings, so just keep that in mind if you do encounter anyone when you arrive.
If Cape Town was fortunate enough to get rains a couple of days before, you may even have a waterfall over the cave.
The sights, serenity and the feeling of accomplishment of this trail will leave you breathless.

at the cave