There are many factors when it comes to starting and sticking to an exercise routine. Time, cost and convenience can be a challenge when starting your path to a healthier and fitter you!

  • Make it easy

Make things easy and locate an option near your home or office. Look for a studio, gym or park close to home or your work. If it’s not convenient, there’ll be more chance of you skipping your workout. Many studios or Boot camp classes are now offering morning, lunch time and evening classes.


  • Take the guess work out of picking a place suitable for you

Before committing to anything with the new place or trainer, do your research! Word of mouth is always good to go by, if the advice was given by a person that has trained with a gym or trainer.


  • Workout with friends or family members

Knowing someone is waiting will make the experience more fun, and provide some accountability. It’s easy to rollover and catch another 40 winks, but no one wants to bail on a friend. Take it a step further by making a deal that if anyone bails, there will be a penalty to be paid! I’m sure a yummy smoothie from your favourite health store will be a good treat appreciated by anyone at the end of the week!



  • Make workout time a bonding time too with your family

Leading a healthy, active lifestyle is best started at an early age! So why not get the family and especially kids involved? Promise them you will take walks with them during the week and weekends. Breaking a promise to your kids and seeing the disappointment in their eyes will make sure you don’t break your promise again.


  • Incorporate more steps during your day

So now you’re in the swing of things! You have your place to train and friends to join you all sorted! Do you feel you want to do a bit extra? Why not download a app on your mobile device to track your steps? Before you know it, you will be walking or jogging, instead of taking the elevator or the car. Getting your step count up will become second nature, along with your fitness!